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Some SEO Fundamentals

The world of SEO is constantly changing and evolving!  Methods that were once successful and productive tools for web marketers have become obsolete and unproductive, requiring an aptitude for continual adaptation and improving upon industry standards in order to maintain results driven SEO servicing.  This is precisely why we at Capitol Web Marketing Consultants (CWMC) pride ourselves on maintaining current, up to date knowledge of the industry as well as employ the most cutting-edge techniques and analysis tools available in cyberspace, so that we can provide guaranteed results for you, your business, or organization, no matter your SEO needs!

What you need to know about SEO today!

Of recent, many business owners have taken notice of the relevance and importance of online marketing and the tools out there to help you, such as Google AdWords and Yahoo Bing Network (YBN), but few actually know how they work or how to use it themselves, much less understand what is entailed within the actual programing logic and database management.  Indeed, this is a complex subject, but, basically, it can be boiled down to understanding that once you have registered with Google, for example, and have elected what areas you are looking to market yourself in and have paid the initial bid, then a pay-per-click method is utilized within their Adwords software to help market you, your services, your goods, or your organization’s endeavors within a relevant search return on a person’s search query.  This means you are paying to advertise your site within the search results of a potential customer, client, or user, in one way or the other.
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This is in contrast to what’s referred to as organic search results, in which the relevance of a site’s content as compared to the nature of the search terms being looked for, creates a real-time and actual ranking within the query being performed.  Your site will actually be in the search results because of the quality of your site and content absolutely free!  This is what essentially differentiates SEO marketing from Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Of course there are many different tools and marketing products offered by not only Google and YBN, but other third party SEM vendors as well who are basically able to break down the parts of the how, who, what and where of “the search” of the internet user and offer as products and services the different marketing schemes and methods of SEO, such as: CPC (Cost per Click) which is the same as pay-per-click (PPC), CPM (cost-per-mille), CPA (cost-per-action) also known as PPA (pay-per-action) as well as Cost-Per-Conversion (CPC), PPP (pay-per-performance), and CPI (cost-per-impression).

There are also other programming related techniques that can be applied by online advertising companies, such as: web banner advertising, pop-up banners, trick banners, text ads, interstitial ads, email advertising, chat advertising, online classifieds, Adware, as well as affiliate marketing or web 2.0 properties.  Some of these work and are extremely beneficial for the site being optimized, but some are very detrimental and will actually leave you with penalized results by the search engine!

Capitol Web Marketing Consultants (CWMC) seeks to clarify and make understood by each and every potential client the stratum of marketing tools and methods available to SEO and SEM firms, and to explain the benefits and detriments of all the options out there.  We can provide aid and transparency to a seemingly opaque and esoteric realm, and provide every day and easy to understand explanations of all your web marketing questions.


The Core of our Method:

  • Comprehensive market analysis.
  • Strong, well-constructed content.
  • Proper SEO method and technique.
  • Quality video and digital production.
  • Deployment of state of the art equipment and software.   Adobe Creative Technologies, WordPress, and Canon photography are used exclusively.
  • Foundational Digital Presence.  Our customized marketing guidelines ensure your site’s productivity and the expansion of your overall internet exposure.


Contact us today and register for your free consultation so we can more fully explain which techniques hurt, which help, and the proven method’s we at CWMC employ.

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