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Your business is our business! It is of the utmost importance our clients achieve the successes and advantages that come with a properly conducted online web marketing campaign. We ensure these results because of our commitment to rock solid methods that are essential in producing a well ingrained digital presence footprint.

We here at Capitol Web Marketing Consultants refer to our approach as the Digital Taxo-Analytic Polytopic Method (DTAP). It contains key steps designed to aggregate and to facilitate your customized online web marketing optimization needs, and will take you from where you are now (point A) to where you want to be (point B)!

We take our time with each and every one of our clients when discussing the online world and in imparting the relevance of having a properly optimized digital presence, and can accommodate you no matter your current technical understanding, whether you are a nubie beginner or an advanced user!

The core steps listed below, which we will explain in a moment, are a boiled-down rendition of our DTAP Method and entail a guide that not only assists you with your online marketing needs, but will help you in understanding the key SEO principles at play within the process as a whole. We are very confident in our analytical and online marketing abilities, and have data-driven results that we guarantee will apply to you, your company, or organization, no matter your content needs and requirements.

  1. Game Planning.

    Firstly, there are several questions and points of analysis to consider before creating and engineering the all-important sub-structure of your cyberspace marketing efforts, namely:

    1. What are your intentions for your business growth? Goals?
    2. Business message? Ethos (Ethical structure)?
    3. Willingness to give an honest critique of your own previous works? What have you learned?
    4. Support Structure? (What are the ways you are connected with partners around you? Do you share interests? How can these relationships be benefited and strengthened with a shared approach at bettering business relations and to digital integration/SEO techniques? i.e. how can you help your friends by helping yourself??)

    These are some questions we have found to be integral and worth going over before even setting foot in the implementation realm. Asking some of these questions beforehand can sometimes help you avoid pitfalls and common mistakes that many business owners find themselves making, no matter if you are a garage startup or perennial powerhouse corporate firm.

    Now that you have considered these questions, it is time to take a look at some of the aspects of our analytic processing and how they can aid you in your business pursuits.

  2. Substance.

    Next, we consider the current status, if any, of the online digital presence of your site, business, or organization, and then process these “footprints” utilizing software at our disposal to get a better idea what parts of the marketing schema we offer that would best suit your needs. To name a few, we look for things like:

    • Current rankings and listing within most popular search engines
    • Social networking elements (Facebook, Youtube, Google plus, LinkdIn etc.)
    • Written and Video marketing
    • Organizational Affiliations (trade unions, the BBB, educational etc.)
    • On page SEO (how your page(s) are marked up): meta descriptions, anchor-text, keyword densities etc.
    • Specific crawler encoding: analogous H1 tagging, unique page title referencing, URL structuring, image indexing and alternative text etc.
    • Back-linking analysis
    • Home Page Content priority indexing
  3. Follow Through with Quality Content.

    We believe in quality content above everything else.
    We believe in White Hat SEO and methodology , and know that the extra hard work required of such proactive efforts, result in the end with durable and lasting effects.

    This approach requires a bit more effort, but is well-worth it in the end. The original purpose of the internet was to share information, so this is the principle you must remember when considering your digital presence and what it is you want to say and tell others about (Google and the like, are essentially “engines” that help produce better ways for people (the user) to access this information in a more timely and accurate manner). Ultimately, this is done by creating readable and relevant material that people will want to visit your site for and be informed by, as well as the extra endeavoring of solid video content and postings relating in a more personable way your message(s).

    At this point, the implementation of your SEO plan requires proper “tagging” of your site and at the proper places. This is done so the web crawlers (the way the search engines index your site) can more easily perform their functions, which influences greatly your search rankings and search engine relevancy.

  4. Tenacity.

    Proper SEO is a sprint and a marathon!
    Sometimes some things on your site have to be updated and added to immediately (such as optimizing titles, URLs, and image alt-text). This must be done because Google makes on average more than a change a day, and can update itself overnight and may penalize efforts that had previously been successful and effective, while promoting and advancing new elements and variables previously thought unimportant. Up-to-the-minute monitoring of Google updates and algorithmic changes are our specialty, because we know the adaptability a site exhibits registers heavily in the search engine rankings.

    However, on the other hand, some SEO tactics, like legitimate back-link campaigning, may take a while to effect their change and have a slower response time. This is where our persistence and determination play out in our journey, as patience, at times, trumps all other efforts.

    These are all done in order to help catalyze your site’s performance and help you to achieve a solid online digital presence, while establishing a basis and foundation upon which to continue future business growth and development…

Capitol Web Marketing Consultants strives for excellence!

We keep everything required of this publishing process in-house, from the written article creation, to the video production and editing, to logo design and digital graphics programming, which ensures quality assurance of the highest order.

By utilizing the revolutionary technologies available today, WE SEEK to give the small business owner/operator(s) a foothold and voice in the marketing world where only the largest and most well-funded corporations and companies were of yester year. Contact us today for your free consultation!

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Awesome. I have it.

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Im a cool paragraph that lives inside of an even cooler modal. Wins

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    DTAP is the core method upon which we build your Digital Presence.

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